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Helping companies and business owners in Brentwood, Essex and Hertfordshire keep more of what they earn and pay less tax
“In this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes.”
Benjamin Franklin 1789

Much has changed in the world since Franklin’s pronouncement over 220 years ago, yet death and taxes remain constant. And while we can’t make any claims about prolonging life, we can certainly influence the amount of tax you pay, thanks to our comprehensive range of tax services.

Corporation tax advice, planning and assistance
If Corporation Tax has to be paid it is not just the paying of it that causes issues within businesses – it is the increased responsibility of additional reporting demanded by HMRC, and the Government, that requires resource and time internally which ultimately makes HMRC’s tax collection job easier.  It is essential to have an experienced team of corporate tax specialists available to make sure your returns are correct.

  • Denwood Morris & Co provide a comprehensive range of services designed to minimise your corporate tax exposure and take the strain out of tax legislation compliance, including:
  • Determining the most tax effective business structure for you
  • Helping you take full advantage of all tax opportunities and reliefs
  • Achieving the optimum capital or revenue tax treatment
  • Reducing tax on disposals and maximising relief on acquisitions
  • Acting on your behalf in meetings with the HMRC

With a little planning, we can make sure you achieve significant improvements to your retained profits through payment of lower corporate taxes.

Denwood Morris & Co offer a range of tax services to companies in Essex and Hertfordshire

>Business Tax Planning
Whether you are starting in business for the first time, running an established business or planning a sale or retirement, there are always many tax issues to consider.

>Company Car Tax Planning
We will undertake a review when you are considering buying a new vehicle to make sure you are aware of the most advantageous way to finance the purchase, including the tax implications.

>Employee Benefits
We can assist you in reducing the burden of the compliance tasks and in planning tax-efficient remuneration packages for your workers.

>Personal Tax Planning
Careful and effective planning can produce significant savings.

>Trust and Estate Planning
Let our specialist team help you protect your wealth.

>Business Structure Healthcheck Review
To make sure the way your business is set up is providing you with the most tax-efficient vehicle for your earnings and wealth generation/protection.

>Taxability Review
A detailed review of your tax affairs to make certain you pay the right amount of tax - and not a penny more. (This review may result in repayment of overpaid tax - sometimes substantial amounts!)

>PAYE Healthcheck
Making sure your PAYE and NIC affairs are up to date and correct.

>Remuneration Extractor
We will advise you on the most tax-efficient way to take profits from your business.